A walk around Loch Leven

Blessed with a magnificent autumnal day, Moira and I decided to walk the thirteen mile trail around Loch Leven. We had walked most parts of the trail in stages but never the whole journey in one outing. We set off on a crisp, clear morning, beginning at Kirkhouse Pier and walking clockwise.

A map of the route

Soon we could glimpse the loch through the trees. As the ground rose, the scenery opened up to reveal panoramas with the Lomond hills in the distance.

The trail does not merely stick to the Lochside. There are lovely riverside walks too.

And sections through woodlands, including some magnificent Scots pines.

Autumn colours were in view all around.

Loch Leven is a famous bird reserve and as we walked the air was filled with pink-footed geese arriving from Iceland. They settled in a field and then, all of a sudden, rose as one in a flurry of wings, the sound of beating wings and honking filling the air. It was a magnificent sight!

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