Tonle Sap

So we’re a little out of synch here, as wifi has not always been reliable last few days. Before we headed for Pnohm Pehn we took a day trip up to Tonle Sap, the huge lake north of Siem Riep. We drove through lush green countryside with rice fields and palm trees before reaching the village of Kompong Khleang. Here the houses are built on stilts to compensate for the flood surges during the rainy season when the lake expands to three times its size.

We boarded our boat and headed along a canal towards the village.

Along the banks stood the houses with evidence of people going about their daily business – fishing, washing clothes and even leaving for a wedding.

We even saw some children coming from school, as well as some who seemed to have found more interesting things to involve themselves with!

The canal passed by a floating village which included shops, fuel stations and buyers for the fishermen returning from the lake.

And then we were on the lake itself, so vast the far shore was over the horizon. We sat with the engine off, enjoying a peaceful moment.

As we returned our guide spotted a temple and suggested we go ashore and visit. We also strolled along through the village streets, attracting a few puzzled glances but many warm smiles and hellos.

As we neared our docking back in the canal, locals sped around us in their boats, coming and going from trips to the lake. It seems not everyone can relax and take it easy around here.

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