First impressions

Sometimes you just want to like a place. You’ve talked about going, planned it together, dreamed of how great is was all gonna be. And then you worry; will it really measure up? It’s some time since I last saw a country for the first time and as we flew into Hanoi, over amazing mountains, forests and rivers I was moved by how truly beautiful it is. Message to self; next time have your phone on to take pictures!

Arriving in Hanoi after two long flights we were delighted to be met by a lovely guide and driver who welcomed us and drove us to the old quarter in Hanoi and our hotel. The city was alive with colour and noise and just called out to be explored.

After a short rest we headed out to experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Hanoi and immediately loved the thrum of the traffic, the eclectic mix of architecture and the beautiful scenery around Hoam Kiem lake. Crossing the road was an awesome adventure; the advice was just walk out, don’t stop, don’t run. Amazingly it works-they just drive around you. Well, so far so good anyway!

ArchitectureArchitectureBalconiesCheersFlagsGatewayAliBridgeLy Thai ToNgoc Son templeNo ideaStreet sceneTraffic

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